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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Anti-poaching patrol

I obtained permission to accompany two Botswana rangers on their anti-poaching patrol.
Through bushland, thick and thin, along almost dry river beds, over sandy areas which made you slide back one step for every three steps taken forward.
They showed me and explained the tracks of various animals whose paths we were  crossing.
From afar we spotted Cheetah, Elephants, Kudus and many other denizens of this area.
After the first 10 kms we took a little rest, when one of the rangers talked about the fact that they had "shoot to kill" orders in the event that they should come across poachers with a dead Rhino or Elephant, but that  the poachers had better rifles and better telescopes than they had and that whoever saw the other first, would shoot first. Therefore, he said with a pained smile on his face, my red shirt would not be the best camouflage I could wear.

At the edge of the Chobi dessert.
A family of Kudus, with the male, on the far left, proudly displaying his curved horns.

Through a part of the Chobi dessert, with Maponi trees barely surviving in the sand.

Elephants at one of the few watering holes.

Four Cheetahs on the prowl.
This shot was taken with a 500 mm telephoto lens, since, on foot, 
one cannot get as close to these animals as one can riding in a vehicle.
It is my theory that animals are conditioned to fear man, 
whom they recognize by shape and smell.
Man, riding in a vehicle, such as a land rover, the animal does not recognize 
the square shape of the vehicle, and the smell of the exhaust fumes
overpowers the smell of the human.
For these reasons one can approach animals much closer when riding in a car
than when walking.

Second rest stop:
I am still the one in the middle
and I'm still wearing the red shirt.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

More Autumn

Can no longer call it "Early Autumn"
It's now "Middle Autumn"

Monday, October 24, 2016


Pink cloud and early morning fog

Early Morning on Little Joe Lake

Sunday, October 23, 2016


There are a thousand possible combinations
and configurations.
The lower image is the top half of the upper image,
with only the center fern in focus.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Best Frog

The Best of the Frogs

Crossing the Pond

A family of Elephants crosses a pond in Mana Pools, Zambezi Escarpment, Zimbabwe.
Note the infant, second from right, for whom the water is a bit too deep, 
and it's almost totally submerged.
The third in line never breaks contact with the youngster by resting her trunk upon the infant's back.

This is truly a neat trick. The water is too deep?
No Problem! We just use the trunk like a snorkel.

The crossing was successful.
Dry land beckons.

Stick with me, kid.
We'll be all right.

Friday, October 21, 2016