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Monday, April 24, 2017

Strange creatures

Several years ago, accompanied by 5 friends, we canoed down the Zambezi river.
When it got to be late afternoon, we decided to pitch our camp on a sandy island.
The first thing I  noticed where the heavy tracks of an Elephant in the sand.
This very fresh evidence of the recent presence of such a big animal, whose territory we were obviously invading, did not fill me with a great sense of security.
The nonchalance of my friends, however, did not allow me to show my concern.
So we pitched our camp and hoped for a quiet night.

my "tent" for this night and many nights thereafter.
(well, it keeps the flies away)

The next morning, the Ele looked at us 
with suspicion from the opposite shore. 

The "Hammerkop" is about the size of a duck.
Brown feathered and non discript.
Since he does not have much else to do,
he yearly builds the biggest nest of any bird in Africa.

Every year a new one.
If it isn't big enough he will not get the bride.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring = Flowers

Although it was -2 degrees last night, I cannot refrain from showing you some flowers.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter ?

Well, it's the Easter Holiday again. Easter Sunday today and I forced myself to read the daily Newspapers.
The amount of sheer nonsense, presented in pseudo-intellectual gobbledegook and religious diatribe is almost too much to digest.
I shall refrain from getting into a debate, but ask each reader to think. Just think ....
and you will come to the conclusion that it all is a good deal of bunk..


Saturday, April 15, 2017

My all-time favourite image

These Impala found themselves trapped 
between us and an Elephant.
They were nervous and for a moment it looked as if they 
thought about the direction in which they should flee.
Then they slowly moved toward the Elephant,
telling us in no uncertain terms that they considered us
the greater enemy, the greater danger,
although we measured not even 1/4 of the size of Jumbo.
Makes one almost a little ashamed to be a Human Being.

John was hungry

Hungry and thirsty Elephants, not my friend John, 
were responsible for this half eaten Baobab tree.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Miscellaneous "Out Of Africa"

There are a number of Lodges in the Kalahari.
One of them, the Grassland Safaris Lodge,
advertises its presence by telling you that you will reach
the Reception in 7 km. ( that's where you register.)
Your room, you will find in another 53 km.

We were heading for "Deception Pan".
I had asked Ant what the word "deception" means in this connection.
He said: "You'll find out when we get there"
After 149 km we arrived at this small "lake."
The "water" shimmered and glistened in the sunshine. 
When we got closer it turned out, much to my dismay, 
to be a slight depression in which the dry earth shimmered 
so that you'd swear that you had come upon a small lake.
Then I understood the name "Deception Pan".

At the warden's hut, there was a wash room.
When I visited it, I found it was already occupied by an Owl
which fluttered against the high positioned window
in a desperate effort to regain its element.
With two towels Ant managed to trap this bird
and gave it its freedom.

There she flies!

Since I shall be leaving for Africa in another 41 days
I am starting to think and plan and to reminisce.


Monday, April 10, 2017

First Dip of 2017

It is the 10th day of April 2017.
The air temperature is about 25 C.
The water temperature is 15 C
That means it is colder than cold.
So, you can believe me, my "dip" was  exactly that  "A dip".
Christin took some pictures in order to eternalize this important happening.

In order to soften the shock I am bracketing these swimming pictures
between the blooms in my neighbours garden.